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Our Story

We opened our doors in April of 2010, making a home in the basement of Real Life Church to grow an ever evolving team of creatives and community-minded baristas. In summer 2016 Undergrounds began the process of going aboveground, building a space at street level. We will forever have fond memories of people calling for directions as they circled the parking lot above.

A cup of coffee at Undergrounds is more than a beverage, it is an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for nonprofit organizations. Proceeds from sales benefit organizations that fight human trafficking, because we believe awareness must be followed by action. We consider our guests partners in the mission to change lives using coffee, through encouraging leadership and committing to causes we can support.

Our team is a unique blend of volunteers and paid staff who hope to serve excellent experiences and invest in our community. This investment becomes tangible in creating leaders who will take skill and compassion from behind the bar to the world. Excellent coffee is the stage for a lasting experience and life change that stretches from local to global.


to use coffee to change lives


to provide an unparalleled community experience through excellent coffee, tea, and food offerings.